Graham Carpio

Graham Carpio is the owner of Carpio Strength and Conditioning. Graham is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a Personal Training Specialist. He works with a variety of clients, from competitive athletes, to people aspiring to lose weight and seniors looking to re-build their strength.

With almost a decade of coaching experience in the fitness industry, Graham has the knowledge and experience to effectively train his clients to accomplish their fitness goals; whether that be preparing for the in-season of their respective sport, muscle building, or fat loss.

Graham is dedicated to constantly learning about the human body and the most optimal ways to train it for his clients' desired physical improvements. His passion for his work and his enthusiasm for helping others consistently produce great results.

Graham is also well-versed in nutrition. He provides nutritional guidance to all of his clients to make sure that they are eating well and using the right supplements to support their training. He believes that proper nutrition creates the biggest impact on the body in terms of getting stronger, leaner, and staying healthy.

As a leader in the fitness field and his Toronto community, Graham aims to help everyone around him develop a stronger and well conditioned body so that they may live a strong, healthy, and active lifestyle.